There are many advantages to incorporating your business. Some of the main reasons for incorporating a company are to limit the personal liability of the owners for the debts of the business and to reduce income taxes of the business.

The lawyers at Torry Lewis Abells LLP have depth of experience in corporate matters for private companies. Our corporate services are extensive and include such areas as incorporations, corporate reorganizations, estate freezes, and other tax related transactions. We have been involved in many situations involving the transfer of ownership of the family farm or other family business to the next generation.

Our lawyers also have extensive experience in representing the interests of shareholders in shareholder disputes.

Thorough and timely service is very important to our corporate clients. We strive to meet these expectations as well as work with other professionals like accountants in negotiating and arriving at documents which reflect the objectives for the sustainability and profitability of our corporate clients.

Commercial Transactions

For the most part, commercial transactions involve the sale of a business, either by way of sale of the assets of the business or the sale by the shareholders of their shares in a company which operates the business.

The considerations and issues involved in these types of transactions can be very complex and they require carefully drafted legal documents to meet the needs and objectives of our clients.

Several of our lawyers have handled many commercial transactions, having a variety of different issues. Our approach to this area of practice is to be thorough, to negotiate firmly in the interests of our clients and to conduct the negotiations reasonably and timely.

We have represented both buyers and sellers and understand the issues arising in these kinds of legal transactions.

Torry Lewis Abells LLP is very fortunate to have experienced trained legal assistants to form part of the team in delivering prompt, timely and thorough services.