Family Laws deals with the rights and obligations that arise from marriage and common law relationships. It involves matters such as:

  • drafting cohabitation and prenuptial agreements
  • defining parenting/custody/access schedules
  • determining spousal and child support
  • assessing division of matrimonial property
  • establishing paternity
  • understanding adoption

At Torry Lewis Abells LLP, we focus on understanding our client’s particular needs and concerns, and representing their best interests. Because Family Law is always changing, we are committed to providing you with current information about these matters and identifying how these changes may affect you.

Collaborative Law has become an increasingly recognized way of resolving Family Law issues, replacing the complication of litigation with the simplification of client-driven solutions. As a registered member of the Lethbridge Association of Collaborative Lawyers, we can work with you through this process.

The following are useful Family Law links: